MotorClub Training – Teaching better tow drivers


MotorClub was the brainchild of a local tow service businessman who was tired of seeing the same mistakes and damages taking place over and over again. So he took the training that he has been teaching his staff about customer service and customer care online for all drivers to share in.

MotorClub Training specializes in teaching your tow team the fundamentals in customer service and procedure, so that they can better serve the motorclub customer.

Best Tow Truck Driver Online training starts here

New Mexico Business Connections


New Mexico Business Connections is a concept that I have executed various iterations of. With the core idea being a place for people to find and connect with businesses they know they can trust. Sorry Angie, your idea is far from original, and nice job on getting yours scaled.

These days I am more interested with driving business connection, but not in a LinkedIn fashion, more in a linked up fashion. Making connections between businesses in New Mexico so that they can better meet their own marketing objectives. Much more on this later.

Turbo Pig

Clint Satterfield (3)
One of my favorite side project stories is “The Blue Pig” recently upgraded to “Turbo Pig“! This is Clint’s passion and he scratches that it all summer long through racing season, breaking speed records in his class all over the southwest. During his day job, Clint runs and owns BAC Enterprises, Albuquerque’s Lifetime roofing professionals. Stand tuned for “Dispatches from the Stands” this summer.

Apocolypse fails to launch


It was with great joy that we were able to stand down Robot Falcon from it’s launch sequence last Friday morning. Robot Falcon had been deployed in Alamogordo. But at 4:20 am on 12/21/12 we were able to stand her down as the Mayan Calendar ended, and no inbound alien fleet appeard, no wrath of God was unleashed, and no solar flares blanked out our eletronic-centric lifestyle. For this we are thankful.

So, as we begin this new year, we here at Robot Falcon and Peregrine Digital Studios want to remind you that now that we can see that the world is moving forward normally going into 2013, you actually DO have to deal with your website.

We are offering a 33% discount for services pre-booked for 2013. Get on our production schedule early and you can get a $750 website for $550. Schedule a $250 training sesson for $125.

Yes, it’s the Post Apocolyptic, Get Your Web On SALE. See for Details >>


Spaceport America

I wanted to offer an update to this post, because I am very disappointed in the news coming out around this project. While I remain optimistic about the future of Space Travel from our glorious desert, I hope that our great state does not remain so short sited about New Mexico’s future. I hope to one day step out of the desert and into our future, and if not me, my kids will be doing it with my ashes. So, please keep this side project on schedule.

Spaceport America

Spaceport America

Spaceport America is a super example of an ultimate side project. Birthed out of the X Prize contest, and grand side project of Billionaire Entrepeneur Sir Richard Branson and his company Virgin Galactic, the Spaceport is a “build it and they will come” vision that has many of us dreaming of space travel. I may not be able to afford it in my lifetime, but a side project like this may have my kids in space in the next 20 years.

Learn more about Spaceport America >>

Robot Falcon – An Explanation

robot-falcon-standWhen I am talking to people about my business, Peregrine Digital Media, it takes a minute to explain what Peregrine is. A Peregrine Falcon, is the fastest bird on the planet. It has the best vision of any of God’s creatures, and it is a voracious predator that feeds on smaller competitors in the food chain. These strong attributes seems fitting for a webdesign firm that is dedicated to speedy service, a vigilant competetive eye, and a marketing process that keeps my clients ahead of the ever-changing technological curve.

As my company has evolved, so has my vision of what we do. And, often I visulaize the work as a fleet of Robot Falcons, out on the prowl, watching over ranking, and site traffic, bring back new innovations and great ideas. From this vision came Robot Falcon, the great  overseer of Peregrine Digital Media, MindScribe Marketing and LedgeWalker Productions.

Robot Falcon is an incubator. A celebration of great ideas, and the ultimate expression of our creative genius. The repository of the side project.

Robot Falcon, itself, is a side project. And I have come to the conclusion that it’s current purpose is to highlight and celebrate great side projects that I encounter in my day to day. I will be featuring musician side projects that I love. Business side projects or hobby projects that my friends and clients are engaged in. Things like, Clint Satterfield’s (BAC Enterprises) NHRA record breaking Turbo dragster. Or Jim Maddox’s (Jim’s Automotive) hand fabricated T-shirt launcher. Or Vance Dugger’s (Duggers Towing) online training website

I have the pleasure in being a web developer of being able to be exposed to some really incredible ideas, and this website is here to promote them.

Welcome to Robot Falcon

This website is designed serve as an informational crossroads where web design and marketing collide with technology and media. Our mission is to help connect users with the appropriate resource or information they need to make decisions regarding their web and digtal media. This is a service of Peregrine Digital Media.